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Welcome to Consumer Credit Action (UK) Ltd

CCA offers an informative and pro-active consultancy service for clients who wish to stand up for their consumer rights regarding unenforceable and unfair credit agreements.

Recent information in media publications suggests a majority of all loans and credit card agreements in the UK entered into before April 2007 might be unenforceable. It appears many of these contain errors, including interest calculations, hiding commissions and attaching payment protection insurance policies sold without proper advice. The Consumer Credit Act 1974 aims to protect consumers against unfair terms. Lenders and credit providers have tended to disregard this aspect of consumer law, seemingly showing little respect for complying with its terms.

No doubt you will have seen many websites and advertisements for claims management firms included within these claims large numbers of debts have been discharged in full, with or without any cost to you, apart from an upfront fee. Contact with these firms often results in lengthy time periods whilst they process your application to confirm if there are breaches of the Consumer Credit Act. This is often followed by further time delays as they process the matter through solicitors to establish if a valid claim is to be pursued.

So what is different about us? Simple solutions - allowing you to retain control.

We process your application quickly and efficiently establishing if you have a valid claim for the contract to be deemed unenforceable. We inform you immediately we receive the results so you can decide what further action, if any, you wish to take. For this service we charge a non-refundable fee of £100.00; payable when you forward a completed application form and agreement for us to act on your behalf.

After you have been informed of the validity of your agreement, what next? Click on FAQ's

If you would like a completely confidentially discussion regarding any of your credit agreements, please get in touch, by telephone, email or simply complete details on the side panel. If you wish to receive an application pack immediately please click-on the 'request application pack' box above.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to completing successful business with you.

Consumer Credit Action (UK) Ltd is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities.