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Consumer Credit Action (UK) Ltd. Registered Company in the UK. Registration No. 06824398 Registered Office: Weeks House, 204-6 High Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1PW

Contact details: Email: Telephone: 0203 370 3150

This Company is recorded as registered on the Claims Management Regulation website.

Complaints Handling Procedure

All complaints will be briefly acknowledged and confirmation given the complaint has been passed to the Compliance Officer. If complaint is made verbally brief details of the nature of the complaint will be obtained.

All complaints will be entered on a Report Form. This is passed to the Compliance Officer. If the Officer is not on the premises the complaint is to be faxed, e-mailed or posted directly to him, after an initial telephone call to confirm it is on its way.

If the complaint is not resolved by the close of the next working day a written acknowledgement will be sent within 5 working days and recorded.
The acknowledgement will show:
the name and job title of the complaint handler.
details of the complaints procedure.
where the complaint was verbally received, the acknowledgement will include a
statement of the firm's understanding as to the nature of the complaint. The letter will
suggest the complainant confirms in writing the accuracy or otherwise of that

The Compliance Officer will investigate the matter. Should it not be resolvable within eight weeks a letter will be sent explaining why a resolvable position has not been reached. The letter will indicate when further contact will be made.

If following the investigation the matter is resolved then a written final response will be sent no later then at the end of the eight week period.

The written final response will confirm the firm accepts the complaint and where appropriate will offer appropriate redress; or offers redress without accepting the complaint; or rejects the complaint and gives reasons for doing so. In addition the complainant will be informed of their referral rights to the ombudsman within six months and the ombudsman leaflet will be enclosed.

If the matter is not resolved in the eight week period, then at the end of eight weeks, either there is a resolution in which case the final written response will be as above, or the written response will explain the firm is still unable to issue a final response giving reasons for delay, state a date when it is expected to provide a final response, and detail referral rights to the ombudsman enclosing the ombudsman leaflet.

If at any stage earlier than eight weeks the complainant has indicated written acceptance to a response by the firm which had informed the complainant how to pursue their complaint if they remain dissatisfied, then the eight week 'rules' do not apply. The Compliance Officer together with the Directors will decide what disciplinary action/training needs to be taken against the adviser to whom the complaint has been directed.

Should the complaint be against the Compliance Officer the Directors will appoint an independent adviser to investigate the complaint within the rules as above.

The Compliance Officer is responsible for maintaining all records relating to complaints. Copies of correspondence relating to complaints will be held at the office address and separately by the Compliance Officer, as well as in the client's file.