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Successful PPI Claims

Wetherby man has £15,000 debt written off

A Wetherby man has had over £15,000 of credit card debt written off after Bank of Scotland backed down hours before the case was due to be heard in a Leeds court. Judge Langan at Leeds County Court believes the lender didn't fight the case because it feared highlighting failings will open the floodgates to further claims. Self-employed Mr Mitchell, 60, had a judgment against him after delaying payments to his credit card while he waited for the bank to supply specific information he had requested on a number of occasions. He successfully appealed this judgment should be set aside.

Loan over 15 years but PPI only for 5 years - Reclaimed: £13,432

A £50,000 secured loan over 15 years was increased from day one to £62,000 by the inclusion of PPI. This was deemed to be mis-sold as the PPI insurance only covered the years 1 - 5 of the loan and was therefore not suitable.

Didn't want it, didn't need it - Reclaimed: £1,045 - Written Off: £3,453

Unsecured loan for £7,500 included almost £30 per month PPI. The borrower did not realise he had PPI and would never have agreed to it as he already had insurance to cover payments. The full amount of money paid for PPI was returned with 8% interest.

Self-employed - policy not valid - Reclaimed: £1,340

A van was bought using £8,500 of finance arranged at the point of sale of the vehicle. An extra £1,050 was added to the loan as a one-off payment up front for loan insurance over 4 years. The borrower was a builder, setting himself up as self-employed. Even though the garage selling the van, who also arranged finance knew this, a policy covering loss of employment was included.